GILLES CAFFIER’s pieces are creatively chaotic – a reflection of soft extravagance which is exceedingly rare.

He is passionate yet discreet. He understands that to be free artistically is
nothing, but to be free and remain free is the most difficult.

This is the ultimate luxury.

GILLES CAFFIER’s creations are humanistic. They are born from the hand and nature, without rejecting technology. Created out of a common interpretation of our world, his lines are pure, sensual, sometimes unexpected.
He messes about with the nature of materials, exploiting contrasts and diversions. Leather becomes metal, rough becomes soft, and minimal becomes exuberant. He plays with the concept of beauty and its natural marks, embellishing case by case, sophisticating the exception.

Each handmade piece is the result of meticulous work, and a unique mixing of knowhow and permanent questioning. A large part of his collection is limited editions.

Born in France, CAFFIER studied textile and fashion design before entering high couture with Yves Saint Laurent and Paco Rabanne. He moved to Tokyo at age 22 as an international fashion school art director before opening his own design studio a few years later.

In 1993, he shifted his focus to interior design and decoration, and began making his own creations. Since then he has built a lab of 50 artisans in divergent fields who are continually working, evaluating, collaborating and experimenting.

CAFFIER has also applied his creativity to designing furniture, lighting, and accessories for interior designers and lifestyle boutiques. In 1996, his first collection was featured at Joseph in London and since then he has caught the attention of design visionaries as well as international media.

His collections are now showcased in 25 countries on five continents and his clientele share the same demands – creativity and authenticity.

Living as an expat since he was 22, CAFFIER developed a unique international vision, capturing the attention of design and interior boutiques, galleries, antique showrooms, and concept stores across five continents. His first clients came from the fashion industry such as Brown’s in London, Corso Como in Milan, and The Link in Singapore. International department stores such as Au Bon Marche in Paris, Harrods in London, Lane Crawford in Hong Kong, and Neiman Marcus in the US are loyal customers as well.

CAFFIER’s work is also prominently featured in influential furniture showrooms such as B&B ITALIA and Minotti, while visionaries in the interior world have selected his rare pieces for their most sophisticated projects.

Florists have also become his admirers, seeing a connection between the natural elements they use and his elaborate textures. They find inspiration in his interesting combinations of wood, marble, leather, hematite and pierced earthenware. They use his votives as planters and his vases for their displays. Florists like Trend in Geneva, Vertumne in Paris, and TEA ROSE in Milan have been utilising many of CAFFIER’s creations in their work.

The artist has also been working with influential hotels and restaurants, creating accessories for Alain Ducasse’s SPOON restaurants, Parrot Cay Hotel-Turks and Caicos, Metropolitan Hotel-London, The Prince Hotel-Melbourne, and Cheval Blanc Hotel-Chourchevel to name a few. The new Mandarin Oriental in Paris has also selected many of his limited editions for its suites.

CAFFIER’s pieces reflect a unique combination of creative vision and production – capabilities that allow him to design handiworks that reflect the magic of comfort, couture and culture.

“Comfort” comes from the technical functions, quality materials.
“Couture” from the perfection of details and finishing, as well as the use of rare materials.
“Culture” points to the overall concept and specificity of elements.

CAFFIER’s expatriate life and extensive travel have given him the luxury of remaining open to all aspects of design and art. His memory of eras, cultures, lines, texture, colour and light make all his creations unique, yet always within the bounds of comfort, couture and culture.

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